KIDS Don't Belong in Adult Prisons

Florida prosecutes more children as adults for felonies than any other state in the United States.

Prioritizing criminal justice reform


Criminal justice reform should be a top issue for Florida lawmakers.

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No Place for a Child is a diverse, nonpartisan coalition of organizations committed to bringing change to Florida that has proven to be more effective for young people and the public.


the solutions

"I should never have been in the adult system, and I’m doing everything I can to keep other children out of it."

- Marquis MacKenzie

Keep our Kids out of Adult Courts

Marquis knows all too well that, in Florida, hundreds of children are charged as adults annually. It happened to him. After returning from incarceration, Marquis made it his mission to make sure it never happened again. Read more below.

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In Florida, a majority of young people are transferred into the adult system without any input from the judge. It's time we changed these laws - for our children, our families, and our communities.

"We cannot throw away the futures of our children and our communities. The adult criminal justice system is no place for a child."

Senior Policy Counsel for Florida, Southern Poverty Law Center

"Children who commit crimes need to be held responsible. But they should take responsibility as children, not adults."

Marquis MacKenzie
Advocate and Formerly-Incarcerated Youth

"My daughter — and every child — deserves to be more than just a statistic."

Advocate and mother of directly-impacted youth


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