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No Place For a Child Lobby Day: March 14, 2019
Our state urgently needs youth justice reform. Florida prosecutes more children for felonies in the adult criminal justice system than any other state. Last year, more than 900 kids were sent to the adult criminal justice system. Almost all of the children prosecuted as adults are transferred to the adult system at the sole discretion of prosecutors, without a judge’s input, through a process called “direct file.” There is no way for a child to appeal this decision.

Funneling children into the adult system often cuts children off from critical age-appropriate education and intervention services, and it is not good for public safety. Many children prosecuted as adults are charged with nonviolent offenses and are not a threat to public safety.

It's time for us to reform the way we treat children in our justice system. Join us in calling on our legislators to take action to pass legislation for fairer, better justice.

On March 14th, the No Place for a Child Coalition was at the state capitol so that advocates and young people and families who have been directly impacted by these issue could educate lawmakers and stand up for our children.

Take Action. Even if you missed out on our day of action, we still need you! No matter where you are in our state, you can use our easy action alert to call for smarter, fairer, better justice. All you need is your address and we'll connect you to your elected officials, and give you customized messages. (Also, please check out our #NoPlaceForAChild Lobby Day Social Media Toolkit.)

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